The Ninth Archive is immersive storytelling from a phantasmagorical realm that is slowly entwining with our own.

Initiates to the Archive receive art, stories, audio, and even physical objects crafted in this arcane dimension and delivered to their mailboxes.

The Glitch Witch The Fish's Night

Become initiated to gain access to Archive stacks

A curled hand with a pearlescent eye opening in the palm, like a wound.


Sample tantalizing otherworldly evidence.

  • Monthly images and messages that arrive in your mailbox
  • Access to shrouded glimpses of each weekly Ninth Archive revelation on Patreon
An eyeless face grimacing, revealing large and blocky misaligned teeth.


Undergo initiation into the Ninth Archive’s main body.

  • Full access to every Ninth Archive revelation, which are unveiled weekly on Patreon
  • Monthly images and messages that arrive in your mailbox
A flower of many curling petals concealing part of a face within it


Covet the artifacts of another dimension.

  • Each month a unique object finds its way to your mailbox from the shadow realm
An opal-like faceted crystal with angelic wings


Amass your own personal Archive

  • A monthly delivery of archival-quality art and writing that is crafted and signed to your personal collection by the hands of the top Archivists
Cross-section of a house with tendrils of a strange plant growing up through the basement and the well in the yard A child asleep in bed with a shrouded and smiling figure looming over him, wearing a wrinkled suit and tie.

Ninth Archive membership is hosted on Patreon

By becoming an initiate on Patreon, your Ninth Archive content is automatically delivered to your home, via email, and available on any mobile device.

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A face made of leaves, plant tendrils, and fronds with glowing eyes. Mollusk Workship