Inktober 2019


Prompts and artwork made for those prompts.

Official Ninth Archive prompts for the 2019 celebration of Inktober.

  1. The Pumpkin Patch
  2. Grandmother’s Brooch
  3. Gaunt
  4. Porphyria
  5. Under the Floorboards
  6. Beneath the Suburbs
  7. The Painted Tower
  8. Brick by Brick
  9. Blood Mite
  10. The Queen of Hooks
  11. Carrion Angels
  12. The Tunnel
  13. Dire Feast
  14. Whippoorwill
  15. Hemorrhagic Fungi
  16. The Skeletal Thief
  17. Microscopic Siege
  18. Worm Omen
  19. Burnt Offering
  20. The Lyre
  21. Mind-Automata
  22. Junkyard Sundays
  23. A Surrender
  24. Poison Gamete
  25. Droid of Truncheons
  26. Cafeteria Cult
  27. Nine-Legged
  28. Aurora Presence
  29. That Which Cackles
  30. Melded Jellyfish
  31. Teenage Oath
A hazy, green and purple, rotting and moldy pumpkin with a sharp, line-art skull and frontlike plants superimposed.
Pumpkin Patch
A corpselike hand extending from a hole in the ground.
Grandmother’s Brooch
A tower with painted stalks and flowers on its walls and an eyelike lookout atop it rising above a grey, wavy ocean.
The Painted Tower
Regally dressed homonculus with balloonlike head attached to sticklike torso and legs via a sharp hook. Its left index finger is also hooked, and coated with some viscous substance.
Queen of Hooks