The Doomstone Necropolis


Doomstones were a reward for patrons at the $3/month tier and above. Not all of them are collected here, but they all followed a similar pattern: a person’s name an an epithet/epitaph. Those who pledged the week of the launch were given an additional emblem on theirs: a ’noble fly.'

It is said that to know a person’s true name is to have power over that person. It is said that two sisters with the same name can each hear the other’s dreams.

For your enjoyment, we present: The Necropolis. Each month, all Patrons at the Scavenger ($3) tier or higher will have their name emblazoned on their own personalized Doomstone. Ever shall it glow in the perfume tinged twilight of the Archive, nestled among the pale blossoms of The Necropolis.

Pale pink, metallic tombstone with a circular, green CRT display reading 'Topher Burns, first to unbreath' with the icon of a fly beneath it.  The tombstone is amid a field of pink and orange flowers and fungi.