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The Salp Migration and Discordant Geometries

The Salp Migration ❧

It was a phenomenon almost totally unnoticed by humans. Only a handful of marine biologists were aware of it, and they were more concerned with the politics of publishing and funding than the higher implications of their observations. Yet the overlooked salp knew without knowing, and by the thousands they left their homes in the icy deep. Northwards they swam, almost drifting, carried on cold currents, spreading like the hand of a wraith past the trunks of icebergs and the hunting grounds of seals, who watched in silence.

Their destination–if they could be said to have one–is not known. Those few that remained behind did not change their behavior. These ones likely died in the years that followed in the Antarctic, though no effort has been made to verify this.

Discordant Geometries ❧

For all the stars visible to the Papilionoidea, there exists a way, a single way only, of combining them into one sky-spanning constellation such that the pattern is radially symmetrical around the star Aldebaran. This pattern, when projected onto a map of the Earth, lines up exactly with the five post-collapse Autonomous Regions of China, the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico circa 2036, and certain undersea intercontinental data transmission cables.

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