My Life Story

Pixellated creature, thin cylindrical body covered with water-slick hair, rises from a pale lake.


What does Silas listen to in the artificial night of his bedroom? The agitated sighing of his computer’s fan, or the hazy memory of a dial-up modem connection?

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  1. “Skulls” – Röyksopp
  2. “The Cigarette Girl of the Future” – Beauty Pill
  3. “Bizarre Love Triangle” – New Order
  4. “The Same Deep Water as You - 2010 Remaster” – The Cure
  5. “Rock ’n’ Roll Suicide - 2012 Remaster” – David Bowie
  6. “Spooky” – Dusty Springfield
  7. “Connected” – Stereo MC’s

Bones the color of ivory, a door to dreams. Cigarette smoke limned in silver light traces a path to the future. And water — ablution, purgation, quietus.

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