Never Normal

Burning orange sun hazes indistinct and wavy over a suburban strip mall parking lot.


It’s been hot for forever. This is no Indian Summer, mind you. This is a psychotic, inverted sun circling the parking lot with petty revenge on its mind. Why it bears this grudge against me in particular, that’s open to speculation. The files are vast. Neon highlighter strokes tell a checkered tale.

Some people theorize we’ve reached the point of no return. Never normal, never again. The world that succored human civilization has been poisoned by its own spiteful offspring. Maybe that grudge isn’t so mysterious, after all.

For now I’ll take a White Claw and some reggaeton. As loud as possible, please.

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  1. “Why Do I Cry” – Margo Guryan
  2. “Right - Alternative Gouster Mix” – David Bowie
  3. “Cloud 8” – Frazier Chorus
  4. “Premonitions - The Fantasy” – Bobb Trimble
  5. “Took a Long Time” – Carla dal Forno
  6. “Modern Comforts” – BEA1991
  7. “Wake With” – TR/ST
  8. “Brown Rice” – Don Cherry
  9. “Norton Commander (All We Need)” – Men I Trust
  10. “Dance PM” – Hiroshi Yoshimura
  11. “EARFQUAKE” – Tyler, The Creator
  12. “Wake Up in the Sky” – Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars, Kodak Black
  13. “Hot Shower” – Chance the Rapper, MadeinTYO, DaBaby
  14. “Dark & Handsome” – Blood Orange, Toro y Moi
  15. “Truly” – Twin Shadow
  16. “Ecco” – Public Memory
  17. “Under the Sun” – SPELLLING
  18. “Choci Loni” – Young Marble Giants
  19. “Aute Cuture” – ROSALÍA
  20. “LA CANCIÓN” – J Balvin, Bad Bunny
  21. “Warming” – Futuro Pelo, La Flaca
  22. “Trance Mutation” – Alejandro Jodorowsky

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