Squidlike mushroom creature with a cybernetically enhanced head-mantle and suckered tentacles instead of mycelia.

One of the more diminutive adherents to be brought online via The Chorus. These mezzo-nanites are outfitted with extensive filtration systems, and their spongy caps are capable of storing large volumes of chemical data. This data, while opaque and daedal in its nature, is highly sought after by The Chorus. Its implications are many, and far reaching. By deploying mezzo-nanites throughout the Shanghainese sewer system, The Chorus is able to track countless data feeds – from Shanghainese dietary deficiencies to chemical predictors for the various stages of PIDC.

Researches theorize that this form is in fact a larval stage in the mezzo-nanite’s development. This has yet to be explicitly proven, as the pinhead sized creatures seem unable, or unwilling, to survive in captivity.

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