In My Secret Place

Pastel cylinder with a human mouth licking its lips seductively, slowly changing color.


The dugout at the old baseball field. Moms don’t let their kids come here any more. Fuck, nobody comes here anymore. But I love it here. Leaning against the wall, back in the shadows. The rain sighs across the metal roof, and the smell of smoke sneaks into my hiding place. Were those footsteps?

Sometimes I feel like something watches me here. Especially when it’s rainy. Something slick and black slithering across the old bleachers behind the dugout, winding a wreath around my little corrugated sanctuary. Good thing I’m this fucking high, or I might give a shit.

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  1. “Tangier” – Donovan
  2. “Weep, Weep, Weep” – The Parrots
  3. “Role In Creation” – Yves Tumor
  4. “Young Again” – GENTS
  5. “Chosen” – Blood Orange
  6. “Babylon” – BOAN
  7. “I Know It’s Over - Demo” – The Smiths
  8. “From Above” – Boys Age
  9. “Soul Desert” – CAN
  10. “So High” – La Hell Gang
  11. “Fantasy Boys” – BRONCHO
  12. “Roads” – Portishead
  13. “Hana” – Asa-Chang & Junray
  14. “Mono” – altopalo
  15. “Flowers” – Bastien Keb
  16. “Blastit…” – Shabazz Palaces, Tendai
  17. “Freak U Down” – Ian Isiah
  18. “Nana” – Vanilla
  19. “The Writing On My Father’s Hand” – Dead Can Dance
  20. “The Orchids” – Psychic TV

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