The Ninth Archive

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The Ninth Archive is a tale told through Entries from the collection of a mysterious archive that spans time and space. Here is each entry from the public archive, starting with the most recently unearthed.

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Bestirred Anthony

One boy’s summer day on the lake, and a vision, a need for the empty void below.

Dream of the Pig’s Head

The quagmire of the subconscious is flooded nightly by the fresh and fertilizing blood of day’s carcass.

The Facility

It was sooty, and unmedical, / like the aftermath of coffin-fires, / like the heating of rusting wrought-iron

Hildegaard, Mycologist

Hackers, artists, spiritualists, and those interested in accelerated evolution all seek out Hildegaard for their unique offering of “Analog Augmented Reality” experiences.

An Immaculate Mitosis

Whence distinction, whence disparity: the first unto the second, unto the multitude.

The River

The sky is grime and haze lit by a half open red eye, / crisscrossed by cables swaying from skyscrapers and / yellow towers of scaffold.


He had places to be, this Halloween, but something else called to him from outside the walls of the civilized.

Slumbering Ooze

These gel-like creatures are sheathed in a glimmering holographic surface which projects colorful, writhing images.

Mollusk Worship

Dreams of a forgotten mythology, passed from soul to soul in furtive whispers.

The Black Hound

It wasn’t until later, much later, that I understood all those hours I spent in the woods were imprinting themselves on me, that the spooky warmth I felt was a shard of a feeling much older and larger than a single person.


The dogs of the sky.

Apostle of the Virtual

The world beyond the real is it own form of truth, and this truth attracts its own adherents, fervent and mysterious.

The Insect

A fly circles her finger, though it is not her finger.

The Beacon

What lies beneath the waves? A shadow crystalline.

Drain Presence

An empty circle closes, a final awakening, a first awakening.

Sound of a Voice

The child experiences a seeming, a kinesthetic hallucination, a dream-command, of Hollow.


Quiet and sound, a harmony of opposites, the warp and weft of our bonds to the known, and to the unknown.

The Song

The song began as a merely a different shape of quiet, but the city heard.


The extruded coil takes its seat upon the reddened coral

Dream of a Peach Seed

Though Ignoble Uak drank the drop, felt it flow through fractal interior aqueducts of absorption, the drop ultimately consumed them.

The Fish’s Night

But even in the deepest abyss where daylight has never shone, there is a kind of night, spoken of in aquatic whispers and burbles of dread and danger.

The Glitch Witch

In a corrupted hut twined-around with enciphered snakes and thatched with feathers of deleted birds lives she who speaks in riddles with no answers.

Erroneus Heart

Strange operations at the core of the machine-brain interface.

Titania Polestar

IceQuest hours logged: thirty eight. Experience to next level: one thousand four hundred and seven.

The Uplink Terminal

Technology evolves faster than nature. It did not take long for cellular towers to shed their vestigial, chlorophyll-bereft leaves for smooth protrusions coated with pentagonal solar micropanels.


“Mom says it’s a dreaming spot. That it means I’ll always have good dreams.”

The Brownie

A strangeness of wood and leaf, born in an unknown realm and now lost.

What Dwells in the Well

It is said that a coin thrown into a well is a wish granted. But no one says by whom, or to what end.

The Drifting City

Everyone knows why the city left, but where it chose to go remains a mystery.


The future of display technology is that of the reflecting pool.


Her eyes see through her bed. The magenta light in the room blossoms into the thousand million colors of data. She stands up and sky bends, the tide red-as-blood recedes.


A boy and his robot receive a signal from the darkness of the antarctic winter and decide to investigate.


The girl with unquiet eyes guards her secrets well. She is an excellent violinist, but is dissatisfied with her music for a host of unusual reasons.