Swan, a sixteen-year-old student of violin hoping to attend conservatory. Those who hear her playing often discover rose petals in their pockets later, or remember things that didn’t happen to them. Twin sister of Kali.


Kali is a disaffected teenager who vents her rage against the shadowy ruling class by breaking into their computers and spilling their secrets across the data-networks of Shanghai like the warm blood of a sacred calf. She is more pessimistic and anti-social than her twin sister Swan, and enjoys remaking the husk of a body she was born into with technologies both retro and bleeding-edge. Her collection of hard-to-find information is both coveted and feared.


Rin, aged eleven, is the only child accompanying a research team investigating unexplained phenomena related to subglacial trenches. He passes the dark hours making lists, poring over gaming rulebooks, and listening to the radio when it’s not tuned to any channel. His A.I. companion, Go, is always close at hand.