The Ninth Archive was an immersive storytelling experiment: tales, illustrations, and artifacts from a phantasmagorical realm that slowly entwined with our own.

The project began in 2017. In 2022, its co-founder and illustrator, Marcelo Gallegos, passed away. This brought about the end of the project, and nothing new will be created for it. This website will attempt to gather together all that was a part of it, to preserve and to exhibit.

The Glitch Witch The Fish's Night

The Patrons of the Ninth Archive each belonged to one of these esteemed coteries.

A curled hand with a pearlescent eye opening in the palm, like a wound.


They who sample tantalizing otherworldly evidence.

An eyeless face grimacing, revealing large and blocky misaligned teeth.


They who undergo initiation into the Ninth Archive’s main body.

A flower of many curling petals concealing part of a face within it


They who covet the artifacts of another dimension.

An opal-like faceted crystal with angelic wings


They who amass their own personal Archive

Cross-section of a house with tendrils of a strange plant growing up through the basement and the well in the yard Many different postcards with strange and spooky artwork spread out on a wooden table. A child asleep in bed with a shrouded and smiling figure looming over him, wearing a wrinkled suit and tie.
A face made of leaves, plant tendrils, and fronds with glowing eyes. Mollusk Workship